Bellevue Hospital Reviews on Yelp

I’m updating my review to give this place 5 stars to balance out all the 1 star reviews. Like I said, this place is for people whose life are in danger. If you accidentally cut your finger or twisted your ankle, DO NOT COME HERE. You will be triaged to the back of the line in favor of the screaming pregnant crack addict with multiple stab wounds.

Imagine having to tell a mother that her only son has died, and in the next second, turn around to hear a 20 something, overly entitled, drunk party girl talk about her twisted ankle as if she were the only person with a problem in the whole entire world. 

This is Bellevue. There is no one here to kiss your booboo.

Hospital reviews on Yelp = pure gold

Study: Average Person Becomes Unhinged Psychotic When Alone In Own House

It’s refreshing to hang out with people who aren’t on the internet all day.

The truck driver

There’s this high school friend I follow on Facebook, and I’m pretty sure he’s a truck driver. He never announces what he is; he only posts what he’s doing. His status will say “just driving through” or “taking a nap” or “dropping a load”. Sometimes he’s “gonna go to bed” at Love’s Truck Stop. I think he posts it for his wife and kids, just so they know he’s okay. In between all this, he posts cute animal videos and music he’s listening to on the road. 

It is the cutest thing on all my scrolls.

How many women are working on the self-driving car at Google?

For Google's Self-Driving Cars, It's a Bumpy Trip

The rules, which take effect on Sept. 16, require a driver to be able to take “immediate physical control” of a vehicle on public roads if needed. That means the car must have a steering wheel and brake and accelerator pedals, according to Bernard Soriano, the top official developing the rules for the state.

Any other ignorant, passive-aggressive people on the internet want to “inform” me about why the Google car doesn’t have a steering wheel or pedals? 

If a medical specialty were a Game of Thrones Character

I can’t even believe I just read that shit

If anyone in NYC writes about how it’s impossible to get Ebola in NYC, they’re fucking ignorant and shouldn’t be writing about something they know nothing about. 

BREAKING: Two American Ebola patients discharged from hospital, pose no risk to public

So was this the experimental treatment used?

I mean, just curious. Kind of a big deal.

(Source: nbcnightlynews)

Ebola-fighting compound created in Kentucky

Put that in your pipe and smoke it